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How to Build New Construction

Building a
New Home

We take you from start to finish guiding you through the process of building your custom home. Building a home is a complicated process. This starts with site acquisition, to site planning, home design, construction management process, deciding on materials and options to closing and getting you into your new home.


You can build on your lot or we can help you acquire a building lot. You may also elect to buy an existing home and either tear down the home or renovate the existing home. Because we are realtors as well as builders we can help you find a lot or a home that might need renovation.


Once you decide on a lot we help you plan on how the home will be sited on the lot. This is important because you want to make sure that the home will have the best natural light as well as well as how it fits in with existing trees and where the garage will be situated. There are also town ordinances that must be considered and the possibility of getting a zoning variance. We have engineers and land use attorneys that will help guide you through this process. getting the approvals necessary to start construction.


Once site location and orientation have been determined then we begin the design of your dream home. This process involves you, in the design process. We have an architect and a builder that will work with you to design the home to your specifications. That includes the type of materials, kitchen design, exterior Interior, and landscaping.


We know every client is working with a budget and whether you’re building a small home or a multi million dollar estate home we work closely with you to establish a price that meets your budgetary needs. Once we agree on price we enter into a contract and we give you the construction schedule so that you know when your home will be completed. We also give you progress updates.


We will build your home using the highest quality materials based on your budget. We will finish your home in the most timely and efficient manner possible. We will also work with you during the process and make changes as required by you.


Lastly after you home is completed we will schedule a closing date. We will do a pre-closing walk though and create a punch list of things that may require our attention. We also provide you with a ten year home warranty so that you know you are protected even after you move into to your new home.


If you are considering building or buying new construction in the Princeton area we’d love to arrange a time to speak to you about this.

We can help you at every stage of the process from land acquisition through to certificate of occupancy. Let our years of experience save you time and money.